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Making Midyear Check-ins More Meaningful

By Kevin Eikenberry

If you are coaching others in the workplace, you probably have some sort of performance management process. While these typically culminate in the annual meeting, many suggest or require at least a midyear check-in too. Even if your process doesn’t suggest that, I believe you benefit everyone by having midyear check-ins. The question is, how to have them, or how to get the most from them?

Here are my tips for creating more value and meaning from the midyear check-in.

As you implement more of these ideas into your midyear check-ins they will be more successful and less stressful for everyone. More than that they will be a source of inspiration, connection, and genuine improvement.

Midyear (and more frequent) check-ins are a hallmark, habit and skill of effective coaches. If you want to build your confidence and competence as a coach and developer of others, join me at an upcoming virtually delivered Coaching with Confidence learning experience. Or contact us about bringing this learning experience into your organization.



Kevin Eikenberry is a world-renowned leadership expert, a two-time bestselling author, speaker, consultant, trainer, coach, leader, learner, husband and father. He was recently recognized by as one of the top 100 Leadership & Management thinkers in the World. This article originally appeared on his Leadership and Learning Blog.

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